Thank you for supporting PACE with your Amazon shopping. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that we hope will resolve any questions you may have about this important fundraising program. If your question isn’t answered below, please contact us.

What is the Amazon Associates program? 

Amazon Associates is a fundraising program whereby a percentage of your qualifying Amazon purchases will go to PACE, the non profit organization that directly funds enrichment programs for Colfax Charter Elementary School. Amazon Associates allows us to raise crucial funds for our school at no additional cost to you. 


How do I shop through Amazon Associates to benefit Colfax?

1. Start your shopping trip by clicking on the Amazon logo on the left side of this website or on the Colfax Charter Elementary School homepage

2. You will land on Amazon Smile. The first time you visit this page you may need to log in to your Amazon account and pick a charity. Please select: “Parents Association Colfax Elementary.”

3. Add items to your cart and checkout within 24 hours. Items in your cart before you click the Colfax link or shopping sessions that are more that 24 hours old will not generate affiliate commissions for Colfax.

4. Bookmark the Colfax website and remember to click through the Amazon button EVERY TIME YOU SHOP! 


Why is the link taking me to the Amazon Smile page? 

Amazon Associates and Amazon Smile are combined into one link from the Colfax website. PACE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which allows us to combine the returns from both programs. The link takes you to the Smile site because that is how Amazon can track both programs at once so we can receive the combined returns. 


How do I know the Amazon link on the Colfax web site is working? 

Whenever you shop, you will see “Supporting: Parents Association Colfax Elementary” on every page, which confirms that you are contributing to the school through Amazon Smile. This DOES NOT confirm that you are shopping through our affiliate link, which is the most important step. Please contact us if you'd like to check to see if a specific order counted.

What if the charity on my Amazon Smile page is not “Parents Association Colfax Elementary”?

If you have already been using Amazon Smile and have a different charity selected, you can change your charity using the following steps:

1. In the top middle of your browser window where it says: “Supporting: [Charity’s Name]” hover your cursor over the charity’s name and a drop-down menu will appear.

2. Click on “Change” next to the name of your current charity.

3. You will be taken to the “Change Your Charity” page on your account.

4. In the “Or pick your own charitable organization” search box write: “Parents Association Colfax Elementary” and click “Search.”

5. Select ““Parents Association Colfax Elementary” Done!

6. Shop as you normally do, but don’t forget to click thru the Colfax website Amazon link every time you shop.


Why do I have to click through the Colfax website every time I shop? 

In order for Amazon Associates to track your purchases, you must use the Amazon link on our school website, either on desktop or a mobile browser (not app). Any direct purchases from Amazon or Amazon's mobile app won’t count so please bookmark the link to the Colfax website and remember to CLICK THROUGH OUR SCHOOL WEBSITE EVERY TIME YOU SHOP!


If you exclusively shop on the Amazon app, you can authorize Smile in your Amazon app settings, but please note, Colfax will only receive the small percentage from Smile, not the larger Amazon Associates commission.

If I go straight to Amazon and fill my shopping cart and then click the Colfax link before I checkout, will the school get the return?

No. The only way Amazon Associates can track your purchases is if you click through the Colfax website FIRST and fill your cart during that initial session and complete the purchase within 24 hours. If you skip the school site and go straight to Amazon to fill your cart, even if you click through the school site later to complete the purchase, it will not count.


Does this program work for mobile purchases? 

Yes! From your phone follow the normal directions of clicking through the Amazon logo on the Colfax website, and your purchases will count towards our Associates/Smile program. Please don’t use the Amazon App on your phone as those purchases won’t count. 


Why can’t I shop directly on Amazon Smile?

Amazon Smile only gives a 0.5% return so please don’t forget to click the Colfax link on our website first so we receive the much higher Associates rate of 4-10% in addition to the Smile rate. 


What percentage return does Colfax receive from my purchases? 

There is a standard range of 4-10% for qualifying Amazon Associates purchases. When used in conjunction with Smile, Colfax will receive an additional 0.5% return. 


How does PACE receive the money from Amazon? 

Amazon automatically deposits the returns into our PACE account; monthly for the Associates program, and quarterly for the Smile program.